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k-01 заточное устройство tsprof.com


Simple. Reliable.

The ease of use is not the only benefit of the K-01 system. The fully collapsible mechanism allows to remove the clip together with the knife, and to sharpen it later maintaining the sharpening angle.

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k-02 заточное устройство tsprof.com


Convenient. Professional.

The K02 turning unit is the pride of the profile engineers. Just turn the knife in the clamp in one movement, the knife is automatically fixed in the horizontal plane. The comfort of using K02 will be duly appreciated by the professionals of sharpening.

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An avid hunter, a chief cook, a fan of cold steel, or just a housewife — the knives are different, and we have a clip, a sharpener, a protractor, and other accessories for each of them.

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sharpening system by tsprof.comsharpening system by tsprof.comsharpening system by tsprof.com

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"In the past, I spent a lot of time and efforts to perfectly sharpen knives. When I learned about sharpening systems, everything became much easier and better. Until now, I have been cooperating with the tsprof team, and providing good discounts to their customers."

Pampukha Igor Yurievich

cold weapons blacksmith

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Blade clips

To make the knife remain motionless in the system, our engineers have developed durable clips made of hardened spring steel alloy. The product lineup includes solutions for thin long knives, and even for scissors.

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Зажим для лезвияЗажим для лезвия
Электронный угломер

Electronic protractor

Most high quality knives require a correct sharpening angle. In order to keep this angle in our systems, we use electronic protractors in a robust aluminum bodies with bright LCD screens. The protractors have calibration function, and memory for storing measurement results.

Приложение от tsprof
Offer from tsprof

Want to use your phone as an electronic protractor? It is easy! For this purpose, we have developed a special application.


A steel bedplate

To make our system steady on any surface, we use a steel bedplate that weighs 3.5 kg. On the inner side it is covered with self-adhesive dampers made of highly elastic polyurethane that will not let the system slide during operation.
Weight 3.5 kilograms
Dampers made of polyurethane

Dampers made of polyurethane
Стальная станина

Sharpening stones

Same as knives, steel is different, and sharpening stones have different grain, bezel, and binder. We have sets of stones for all types of steel, be it damask steel, or powder steel.

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Точильные камни

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Answers to the most frequently asked questions

The main difference is autofixation unit. With k02 you shouldn't pull over the clamp to rotate it. You just rotate and it has only 2 stable positions corresponding to blade sides. Also k02 have a universal frame to mount clamps, it allows you to combine clamps for example you could mount 2 single clamps to get double clamp with wide jaws. With the frame you dont need flat table to mount scissors attachment and the attachment itself is much simpler and cheaper. K02 has build-in plates for inclinometer.

TSPROF produce and ship the product in small batches, having no products in stock. After placing an order on the website customer will be informed with the delivery date. Usually an order is delivered in 15-40 days since confirmation.

Scissors and razors can be sharpened by TSPROF sharpening system with special attaches. Scissors attach for sharpening scissors and filet clamp for razors.

Length can be up to 350mm. Single clamp supports up to 5mm thick blades, double clamp is up to 3.5mm.

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